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Diploma in “Community Mental Health” for Doctors

Course ObjectivesOn course completion, the participants should be able to:

  • Identify, screen for mental health disorders (CMD, SUD and SMD) and factors influencing it
  • Decide “best practices”  like pharmacological treatment and handle brief psychosocial interventions for mental health issues.
  • Make decisions about what can be managed by them and what needs to be referred to higher centres  

(CMD: Common Mental Disorders, SUD: Substance use disorders (Alcohol and Nicotine), SMD: Severe Mental Disorders

During the Learning Process

  • Evaluate the common psychiatric conditions like Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Alcohol and Nicotine addiction, Psychosis, Sleep and Sexual problems
  • Understand the  biopsychosocial model of disorders
  • Evaluate the management options for the above conditions
  • Use effective and evidence-based pharmacotherapy
  • Perform Brief Psychosocial interventions

Duration : 3 months

DurationSelf-paced  e-Learning (video, ppt, reading)Interactive Video conferencing mobile app at ZOOM platform



Time in Hours20106 

Implementation:  Digital Learning

Self-paced e-learning (Anytime) + Interactive Face to face interactive Virtual sessions through ZOOM supported by  Audience response system (sli.do) + WhatsApp educational group + Accreditation

Accreditation  and Certification


Criteria for Completion

The following criteria are to be fulfilled to be eligible for the award of Certificate (in a cycle of 3 months).  

More than 80% completion of the Self-paced digital learning module Six Assignments (as measured by the learning software) + > 80% participation in the fortnight multi-point video based interactive  case discussion (as measured by the software and your video presence) + One case presentation by the participants during the fortnight tele-clinics (multipoint video conference) and One case Submission + > 80% in the final accreditation +  monthly reports of the patients evaluated for Mental health in a prescribed proforma (before 5th of every month) + Pre and post assessment on knowledge and self-efficacy.

Assignments will be problem based, clinically relevant case scenarios, multiple answer questions, short notes, long essays, etc.

Course Fee and Number of Attempts

Each assignment has ONE attempt to clear (>80%) in a course cycle of three months. A part of the assignment may undergo peer-review also.

Each Assignment has to be completed in three days after being assigned, without this completion (>80%) you cannot access the next Module.

Each cycle of course is 3 months duration of 40 to 50 participants. There is no entry at the mid of the training cycle.


The following is a certificate template for demonstration purpose


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